About Us

Hi there, I’m Dr Mark Persissinotto, a passionate, qualified and registered Veterinarian dedicated to helping pet parents get low prices on quality pet supplies and medications. Being based in Australia, we understand the needs of Australian pet owners and we are able to pass on incredible price savings on pet supplies and products - backed by assured product reliability, quick delivery and customer service. Since 1999, VetShopAustralia has been serving pet owners in Australia and throughout the world.


Dr Mark Persissinotto


VetShopAustralia employs fully qualified, licensed, practising veterinary surgeons and animal health professionals to carefully check all the pet products sold to ensure that quality is not just a promise but a reality.

Since the beginning, VetShopAustralia is a Vet-owned and Vet-operated online pet store for pet supplies. On top of our promise to deliver top quality products, our sales support services are backed by Vets. You will have peace of mind knowing that you will receive quality sales and service.

VetShopAustralia is a fully Aussie owned business since its inception. Every dollar spent with us, stays in Australia.

Watch my video below about the working environment we have created for our staff, and their pets, who strive hard and work hard each day to deliver you the best online pet supplies business in Australia.

Pet owners, our customers, will find dedicated customer service representatives available by phone and email to assist with inquiries about your pet and the pet supplies and products that we range. Customers will find only great quality pet supplies and supplies from companies that we trust. It is a trust built on 20 years of industry experience. We promise fast delivery and a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase (just return your unused order in its original packaging and we'll arrange a refund).

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If you like our new image, or have any comments, drop us a note. If you require any pet product not yet marketed by us, please email for a price, as we can supply most pet and animal products.

VetShopAustralia is a trading name of VetShopAustralia Pty Ltd ABN 93 106 944 030 - An organisation dedicated to promoting affordable animal health care.

- Dr Mark Perissinotto

Here at VetShopAustralia our pets are not only our friends, but co-workers too! Watch Dr Mark and the team talk about how bringing pets to work improves staff productiveness, reduces stress levels and creates a happy and fun atmosphere for all.