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  1. Sentinel Spectrum Dog Large 22-45kg Blue
    From $72.02 - $257.85
  2. Sentinel Spectrum Dog Medium 11-22kg Yellow
    From $66.12 - $236.64
  3. Sentinel Spectrum Dog Small 4-11kg Green
    From $60.80 - $218.01
  4. Sentinel Spectrum Dog Very Small Up To 4kg Orange
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Sentinel Spectrum Dog Wormer Tablets

Sentinel Spectrum is a meaty chewable tablet used for the prevention of heartworm disease, for the prevention and long term control of fleas and for the control of roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and tapeworms in dogs. Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews for Dogs are popular for long term protection and control of flea infestations, and treatment of flea allergy dermatitis in dogs.

  • Convienient : 3 protection Fleas + Heartworm + Intestinal worms - all in one tablet
  • Tasty meaty chewable tablet - dogs love it.
  • Treats all of the common internal worms - includingTapeworm and Whipworm.
  • Easy once a month treat.

Dogs: Flea Control & Other Parasite Treatment Quick Guide*

Adult Flea
Intestinal Worms
Ear Mites
Sarcoptic Mange


*Please refer to individual product details for more information. This table is for a quick general reference only.